Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Julia and I were pirates for Halloween, Arrr! (Robert refused to dress up) On Thursday we went to Robert's work and went trick-or-treating around his office. At first Julia was a bit confused, but she got the hang of things after a couple desks- Take one colorful candy from the bucket at the desk and put it in my pumpkin bucket. What a fun game! Little does she know that the colorful candy is actually edible and yummy (we'll save that lesson for another day). Robert and I can still keep her entertained for hours by letting her take candy out of the big bowl at our house and putting it in her bucket and then back into the bowl.
She thought it all was such a big adventure. The office was like a giant maze to her as we maneuvered through the cubicles and at the end there was a pizza party and pumpkin decorating.
Right after the work party we went to our ward Halloween party. We got stuck in traffic getting out of D.C. (wow, just, wow. It took us half an hour to go four blocks) so we got there for just the trunk-or-treating. I also convinced Julia to put on her pirate hat for the trunk-or-treat.

I had thrown all the Halloween decorations from home that we didn't put up this year into the back of our car and told Robert to put them up. He managed to put something together in the ten minutes before the kids came streaming out of the church and we ended up getting third place in the decorating contest. (This is him taking it all down afterwards)
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