Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three Things

Robert says we shouldn't give the boys haircuts during the winter so their heads stays warm, but I finally had enough of their long hair and figured it's almost the end of winter. I gave Micah a haircut first and he was wiggling around the whole time. Next I had Robert come to cut Camden's hair while I held him, figuring it would be better if I held his head still. But he held perfectly still anyways, and after a while his head started to feel heavy. Robert peeked at his face, and sure enough, the soothing sound of the buzzers and massaging on his head had put him to sleep.

Micah poses to show off his haircut.

We read books outside and had a photo shoot one Saturday. They all love their books.

I thought it was interesting what they choose to look at while I took their picture.

Micah: Madeleine- we've been checking out the Madeleine books from the library and I've been pointing out to them where Robert and I went in Paris in the books. Micah likes to say, "Did you went there?"

Camden: Brown Bear, Brown Bear- his favorite book, he got it as a present on his first birthday.

Julia: Thomas the Train. The boys love trains, but Julia does too, maybe not quite as much as Micah but she still likes to watch the movies and read the books.

I tried to take a picture of Camden by himself and he just kept lunging at the camera.

And tried to put on the lens cap

Our President's Day meme.

With so much recent controversy surrounding use of force by police officers I feel it is important to teach my kids that we should obey and respect police officers as they have chosen to put their lives at risk in order to serve and protect us and our communities. I heard about a memorial happening near our town for a officer who was killed in the line of duty one year earlier, Sergeant Cory Wride, and decided to take the kids to it to show our support for our officers to the family of the officer killed. 

My Dad was also able to join us, which was great because Micah fell asleep on the drive there and I had to carry him to the starting point. The group gathered at the American Fork Police Station, then marched together down the street to a park where there is a memorial to Sergeant Wride. We heard from his son, his father, and his wife, and then everyone got to ring a memorial bell. Well, except us, because by the end of the service the kids were freezing and didn't want to wait in line to ring the bell, but I think by then they had the idea of why we were there.

Camden in front of the AF police station.

Micah just woke up, in time to see the news helicopter flying around and a lot of police cars (which he loves, so it was exciting).

The march down the street.

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