Friday, August 14, 2015

Family Camping Trip

I envisioned summer vacations once we had kids in school to be full of long lazy days trying to find things to do. But this summer has been really busy and we've been so busy we hadn't planned a family camping trip like we'd wanted too. We finally did make it out for a camping trip with just our family a couple weeks ago.

We went up to the Uinta Mountains on Friday morning and found a walk up campsite at one of the camp grounds (after searching at a few different campgrounds).

Julia has been really into the Rainbow Magic series lately.

Sitting around the campfire.

Our campsite was next to a big meadow. Around 10:00 pm the first night I was sitting in the dark with Camden trying to put him to sleep when I heard some rustling through the field. At first I wondered if someone was out walking through the field when I saw a moose come out of the field and walk down the road to our campground. Sunday morning we saw two bull moose walking through the field too. Then they tried to walk up to the main road to cross the road- but ended up getting scared back by a motorcycle whizzing by just as they were about to step into the road. I bet the motorcyclist about had a heart attack!

We also had a close encounter with another animal- a hummingbird. I walked over to our car one afternoon and was greeted by a wide mouthed hummingbird from inside the window of our car. A hummingbird had flown into the car while we had left the sliding doors open and we hadn't noticed it when we closed the doors. Good thing it hadn't been that long since I had closed the doors.

We went on a short hike to one of the many lakes in the area.

Taking a break at the lake.

Micah hiked in, but wanted to ride back, so Camden hiked back and Micah rode in the backpack. Camden is little but he is quite the little hiker.

 It was beautiful and not very crowded.

Afterwards we had lunch, and Camden was silly.

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