Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Vancouver Girls Trip- Granville Island

The Wheat boys had a couple boys weekends this year, so Mom Wheat and the girls decided that a Wheat girls weekend was in order. We wanted someplace out of the country so we could get some use out of our passports, but close enough so we wouldn't have to waste too much time on travel time since it would just be a weekend trip. Vancouver, Canada fit the bill! Unfortunately Lauren ended up having to have gallbladder surgery the day before we were supposed to go so she couldn't make it. :( 

I didn't sit down to do separate posts for everything we did in Vancouver, but it started it feel like too many pictures for one post to fit it all in. So here is Thursday, our travel day and visiting Granville Island. 

The three sister-in-laws all met up at the Phoenix airport and flew on the same plane into Canada. We even got to sit next to each other both going and coming (flying standy we all expected to be separated). It was fun when people asked us where we were from on our trip and we got to respond "Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Texas." We always got a "wow!" after that answer.

Meeting up in Phoenix

We wasted no time once we found Mom and got to our hotel. We had an evening of site seeing available still, so we chose to go to Granville Island. After a dinner (we were starving, we had skipped lunch) of seafood at a restaurant in the marina we ventured out to the shops and the market. 

Now I see where Camden gets his cheesy smile for pictures, I look just like him here.

There were lots of tempting deserts and it was fun to see all the vendors.

We also got our first good look at downtown Vancouver from across False Creek. I was impressed with how beautiful the city was. It was right on the water with bays and inlets everywhere so you see the water from all over the city. Not only was it an oceanside city though, it was also a mountainside city with tall mountains right outside the city as well. It was suppose to rain the entire time we were there (not including Thursday) so we didn't make any plans to visit the mountains, but if I ever go back I'll be sure to head out to the mountains.

There were plenty of silly pictures taken.

 Walking back out off the "island" (it's really a peninsula).

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