Saturday, March 12, 2016

Julia's class celebrated the 120th day of school because 120 is a counting goal for the first graders (and these first graders can do it in English and Chinese).

I call this the Grandpa Wheat affect:

Julia dresses up like she is 120. I wanted to do her hair in a bun but she is currently anti me doing anything with her hair, even wearing a headband or a bow is too much to ask :) But she really likes to brush her hair while looking in the mirror and likes her short hair.

Another day she was supposed to dress up like a book character. She is a fairy from a Rainbow Magic book. She chose the fairy herself and chose what to wear to make herself look like the fairy. She was into the details like rolled up cuffs and rolled up pants and a belt.

It is starting to warm up- Hallelujah! I've felt like I've been stuck indoors all winter because apparently me being pregnant makes me not like the cold at all so I never went outside unless I had to. I took the boys to a small wetland preserve that is less than a mile from our house. All the plants were still dead, but the ducks were there!

Camden loves doing puzzles. He also loves me to take his picture or video (and give me a cheesy smile) and then have me show the picture or video to him.  He talks so much lately and it reminds me a lot of Julia at that age. I'm constantly thinking how adorable he is with all that he says.

We were looking at this book the other day and I pointed to the milk and asked Micah and Camden what it was. They both said at the same time, "Horchata!"

They all three love books. This week was literacy week at Julia's school and they had a competition to see which class could read the most minutes each day in each grade level. Julia was reading for two hours a day. She read a few Rainbow Magic books, an American Girl book, some other random mermaid book, and a whole lot of Harry Potter. She is currently on the fifth Harry Potter book, which is like 800 pages long so she had lots of reading to do there. She was extra motivated to read this week, but on a normal weekday she will still read for 1/2 hour-1 hour before she goes to bed and occasional all afternoon after school if she is really into a book. Her class won one day out of the five days of the competition (there are four 1st grade classes, so I guess it was good for more classes to be able to win the prize- donuts!)

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