Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Summer Happenings

We have been very busy this summer trying to do as much as we can before the baby was born. Our June was full of camping trips and our July was swimming lessons every morning, followed by some sort of activity, followed by a nap for for everyone (or quite time for Micah and Julia since they never wanted to take a nap) because by then I would be exhausted.

Slurpees for 7/11 day.

Draper Days Children's bike parade

Followed by games and train rides at the park

The parade went very slowly so Julia had to stop and wait for people to go and then ride until she caught back up with them because she couldn't ride her bike that slow.
One weekend my parents went down to the Ranch for the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon and they took Camden with them. The other two kids and I took advantage of not having wiggly Camden with us and went to the movies and saw Finding Dory. The whole movie is about Dory trying to find her parents, and by the end of the movie Micah was sobbing that it was so sad. Spoiler alert: she does find her parents in the end, it just took a little too long for Micah's four year old attention span. I loved the recling seats at this theater, and it's only two minutes from our house.

Camden living it up as the only grandchild. He woke up at like 4:00 am that morning to take the 
runners to the starting line. After the race they went to my aunt Julie's house in Tropic and he slept on the couch for three hours.

He had so much fun at the Ranch and didn't miss us at all.

Another morning we went to Wheeler Farm and had a tractor ride.

Visiting the Planetarium

Homemade ice cream on the back porch.

Painting fireworks
Neighborhood 4th of July bike parade
This parade was not too crowded and was just around our neighborhood, so they got to speed down the street multiple times
Sparklers and fireworks at Grandpa and Grandma Sandberg house for the 4th of July. Camden did one sparkler, which I was surprised that he would even hold one, and then he was done with the sparklers. The fireworks also scared him so he he went inside after a while.

Visiting the Logan Temple

My cousin Katrina moved back to Logan and her daughter Ali was baptized at the beginning of July. Katrina was due with a baby boy around July 15th, my due date with Lincoln was July 22nd. We wondered who would have their baby first period. Katrina ended up being induced early that next week on July 7 with baby Hunter, and Lincoln came early on July 16th, so no one made it to the 22nd! 

Our friend Annie also came to the baptism with her smiley baby.

My last bump picture, 37 weeks. Robert thought this was going to be a small baby because he said I didn't look that big. Lincoln was bigger than Micah, smaller than Camden, and about the same size as Julia.
Camden right before he got his summer haircut. He was excited at first, but by the end I had to work really fast to try to finish off the haircut without him running away.

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