Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesterday was suppose to be the closing date on our house and today we were going to be out there making our Home Depot shopping list. Sadly, instead we will be spending our Saturday sitting back in Mar Vista wishing we could be making our Home Depot list. Our little hang up was a few broken windows. It wasn't even the full window that was broken, just a couple small sections of glass. But our bank wouldn't approve the loan until the other bank fixed the windows because it was a hazard. So then we had to wait a few days for WaMu (the bank that owns "our" house) to talk to everyone involved to approve fixing the windows. Working with a bank owned property can get frustrating because every decision has to go through many different people. So that hung us up just enough to push our closing past the weekend. Maybe Tuesday?

Oh yeah, and Wednesday when Robert went out for our final walk through he found the pool overflowing! Someone had taken the thingamabob that regulates the water level and left the water on. Everything around the pool was flooded. Luckily most of it was concrete, except one section of now very muddy dirt and a storage closet that needed major work anyway.
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