Thursday, February 25, 2010

March Madness

The Book of Mormon? Do I have you confused yet? Isn't this post suppose to be about basketball? No, if you had your hopes up expecting an exciting summary of the upcoming college basketball tournament you can just stop reading here. But, if you want to hear what the Book of Mormon has to do with March Madness, then read on!

One of my seminary teachers back in the day did a Book of Mormon challenge every year where his classes would be challenged to read the entire Book of Mormon in one month, March. We all had little place marks on the wall showing our progress so we could see who was winning and at the end of the month, see who had actually finished the challenge. He called it March Madness. Whenever March comes around and talk of March Madness starts up I always think of this Book of Mormon challenge. So this year, I'm actually going to do it! And I'm going to use our blog to hold me accountable.

Starting March 1st I'll post the required reading schedule for the next 7 days (or you can go to to set up your own schedule to be emailed to you each day) and I'll report back the next week on where I'm at. Any one want to join me? Leave your progress in the comment section to hold yourself accountable. Who's with me?
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