Thursday, February 04, 2010


Julia has a really hard time taking naps in her crib. She usually just naps on my bed, which means I have to nap with her too or stay around my room to make sure she doesn't roll off the bed. I finally had enough of it thinking of all the things I could be getting done while she's napping. I've been thinking the big culprit for ruining naptime is all the sunlight, so I got some blackout curtains to hang in her room.

Yesterday was the first day we tried them, and after twenty minutes of crying in her crib, she did finally take a one hour nap. Same thing today. I wish she would nap longer, but she is pretty stubborn. So stubborn in fact that she falls asleep sitting up. This is how I found her yesterday and today after she had finally stopped crying and I peeked in to check on her:
She is completely asleep! I think it's pretty funny, even if it scares me because it can't be the best for breathing. Luckily by that point she was tired enough that she just kept right on sleeping when I put her on her back.
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