Sunday, March 07, 2010

March Madness Week #2

We're nearing the end of March Madness Week #1, and I'm still caught up! Actually, I found that if I take chances throughout the day to read a little here and there it doesn't seem like so much in one day. Getting through all the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi wasn't too hard either since it only took a couple days. I did have to go online and follow along while read aloud to me to keep me focused through the last of the chapters though. This week we get to read about King Benjamin!

How's everyone else doing?

Here is the reading schedule for March Madness Week #2:

March 8:
Jacob 5:16-Mosiah 2:4
March 9:
Mosiah 2:5-11:3
March 10:
Mosiah 11:4-19:3
March 11:
Mosiah 19:4-26:22
March 12:
Mosiah 26:23- Alma 3:22
March 13:
Alma 3:23-10:26
March 14:
Alma 10:27-17:25
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