Monday, May 31, 2010

Mormon Battalion Visitor Center

Last week we went down to San Diego one last time to see my cousin Katrina and her family. We went to the new Mormon Battalion Visitor Center in Old Town San Diego. It was a cute little visitor center. They gave you a tour with interactive video clips about the Mormon Battalion. Here's what I learned: The Mormon Battalion marched 2,000 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego in 1846 during the Mexican War. By the time they go there, the war was over! So they stayed in San Diego and helped build the city (before eventually moving on to Utah). Some made their way up to Sutter's Mill and were there when gold was discovered. Their wages from serving in the military went to help the rest of the Mormon Pioneers cross the plains to Utah.
At the end they have little things for the kids to do, like finding gold (or splashing the water in Julia's case.)
You can also go up the tower and get a bird's eye view of Old Town, which is the historic district of San Diego. Mostly it was a lot of vendors and restaurants, with a few historic buildings mixed in.

Tomorrow's moving day for us! Robert left this morning for DC and should be arriving there any minute now. Tomorrow the movers come and pack us, Wednesday they take our stuff, Thursday we clean, and Friday Julia and I leave for Utah.
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