Thursday, June 03, 2010


Who needs toys...

when you have boxes?!

Moving day has come and gone. Julia had a blast trying to get into everyone's way, but I'm hoping she charmed the movers more than she annoyed them. Actually, we spent the majority of our two days with the movers outside so we would stay out the way, which Julia loved as well.

At the end of moving day #1 Robert's dad arrived to help us out, so day #2 I was able to take Julia on some errands with me and get her away from the house. Today we spent all day with Daddy #2 (Julia has been calling her Grandpa Wheat"dada") cleaning up the house. It has never looked so good! I never really had time to get the deep cleaning done that I would have liked when we moved in because the house was so dirty to begin with when we bought it from the bank.

Now we're off to Utah!
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