Saturday, June 05, 2010


We took Julia to the zoo for the first time today. She loved seeing all the animals, when she realized they were alive. She kept screaming and pointing at them. This giraffe came right up to her which I think was the highlight of her trip. It was a beautiful day and we got to spend time with my brother Richard and his wife Ashley.Every time I let her out of her stroller she wanted to push it around. So I was sneaky and stood behind Julia and pushed the stroller in the direction we wanted to go while she thought she was pushing it.
I brought her jungle animals book to point out the animals that were in the book. I think she got the connection with the giraffes and crocodiles at least.
Here she is as a ground hog. When she saw me on the outside she kept squealing and waving at me.
Here she is trying to join the ducks in the water.Heading back to the car.

And lets not forget about Robert. He has been in Washington D.C. since Monday starting he new job (with the same company). Last night Robert's brother Kevin and his wife Ellen came up from Philly and spent the night with him and then went to the temple this morning. Robert e-mailed me this picture and said to quote Kevin as "I am never going to eat another donut in my life." I guess it's to hold him to his word in the future.
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