Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, not so much actually. I thought it was gloomy, crowded, and dirty. But we did go there over Thanksgiving so I am going to blog about it even though it's been a month and a half. And, for the record, I thought it was pretty cool to see all the sights. I just would probably never go back and definitely would never want to live there.

Here's some of what we did.

Statue of Liberty. The one thing I really wanted to see in New York, it's such an American icon. We went up to the base and got to see the inside of the old lady and the spiral staircase going up to the crown. Even Julia was impressed by looking up.
Ice skating at Rockerfeller Center. None of us were very good at it, but we took a couple rounds around the rink. In the picture is Robert in the front and Jen and Tyler just coming around the corner.
Robert and I went to a taping of the the David Letterman show. Before the show we went over to the Hello Cafe (the owner is occasionally featured on the show) to get a bite to eat. Before the show they tell you to just laugh at all the jokes, even if you don't think its funny. I have to admit, I did a lot of fake laughing because the show wasn't all that funny. But it was very interesting. The only guest was Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, the man who won the Congressional Medal of Honor. He seemed like a very nice, regular guy.

Here's a clip from the show.

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