Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wendy and Woody Visit (but not Buzz)

Last week Robert's Aunt Wendy and Cousin Woody came to visit us. Every time I would tell Julia they were coming to visit she would ask "and Buzz?" Luckily she wasn't too disappointed that Buzz didn't come as well. Wendy and Woody had both been to D.C. before so we got to accompany them to some of the less visited places in the D.C. area.

Saturday we went to the Newseum (ie. News Museum) in D.C. It is a a private museum so it costs money. For you future D.C. visitors I would say there are plenty of cool things that are free to see in D.C. so if you're not here for very long go ahead and skip this one. But, if you have some spare time, there are really cool things here. They have an exhibit with a section of the Berlin wall, an exhibit with the antennae from one of the World Trade Center Towers, newspaper front pages from some of the biggest events in history, and a really nice view of the Capitol building (and more).
On President's Day we drove out to Gettysburg, the site of the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. We learned a lot about the battle. I was amazed at just how much detail historians know about the battle; they know every major move made during the three days of battle down to the minute. It was really cool to hear about it as we were seeing right where it all look place.

We also finally made it out to the other Air and Space Museum located about 40 minutes outside of D.C. by Dulles Airport. This is where they keep all the planes and space artifacts that don't fit into the museum in D.C. Some of the cool things there are the Enola Gay(dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, its the large silver plane in the picture with Wendy, Julia and I), a SR-71 Blackbird (the fastest jet in the world), and the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
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