Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Los Angeles

Last week we went back to Los Angeles for the first time since we moved to Virginia. Robert needs to go back every six months or so to check in with his home office, and Julia and I get to come along too! I was so excited to walk outside without my jacket and enjoy some beautiful Southern California weather.

The week went by really fast. Some of the things we did while we were there:

Visited the Santa Monica Airport. Julia loves to point out planes to us. She can spot them better than I can in the sky.

We stopped by the beach and ran away from the water.
Stopped by the canals in Venice to see the ducks.
Wendy took us to the Noah Ark's exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center. It was like a giant indoor playground to the theme of Noah's Ark. All the animals were made out of refurbished materials and were really cool looking. Julia had fun running around and I kept busy chasing after her.

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