Friday, June 10, 2011

National Arboretum

I feel like we are currently in a event lag. Nothing is happening around here, just same old daily things and things I've already blogged about. We will be going to L.A. next weekend and then Utah for a few weeks, so it feels like we are just waiting for our trip. I felt bad not posting anything this week though so here are some pictures from last Saturday.

We were going to go on a bike ride Saturday morning for the first time this year, but we couldn't find the key to the bike lock. Since the bikes were all locked together under the patio that was a problem. We looked everywhere we could think of and then decided to give it up and salvage our morning and do something else. So we ended up going to the National Arboretum (which we have already been to last fall) to see the flowers and have a picnic.
Julia's fond of her stuffed animals right now. She only brought Mickey with us on this trip. Sometimes Minnie comes as well, sometimes the pink dog comes too.

She wasn't looking in any of the pictures of her with flowers.

Julia and Robert acting silly.
And on the way home I reached into the pocket behind the driver's side chair and found the key to the bike lock! So we went on our bike ride after all that evening.

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