Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Los Angeles

We spent a couple days last week in Los Angeles. Julia had an absolute blast while we were there since it was all fun and games for her. We hung out at Robert's Uncle Steve and Aunt Wendy's house a lot which Julia loved because they had toys for her to play with. In fact when I told her we were going there she seemed to remember the last time we were there in February because she said " play with toys Wendy's house?"

We also swam in the hotel pool, went to Knoxberry Farm ( which will get it's own post eventually) and went to the Venice canals to feed the ducks. The ducks all crowded around her and the pigeons tried to eat the food right out of the bag, but Julia was her normal fearless self and loved it all.

We also went out to Claremont to meet our new renters and meet with some contractors. We will be painting the Claremont house in the near future. What color do you think we should paint it? I think the yellow is cute and pretty unique on the block, but Robert doesn't really care for the yellow so he wants to chose a new color. Either way it's getting a new coat of paint soon.

I guess I should also mention that Robert went into work on two of the days since that is why we really went to LA. So that was LA. We were only there for three nights, but I feel like we packed a lot into it. I'm begining to feel like quite the experienced traveller with all this flying across country and hotel stays. Someone on one of our flights asked me if Julia had flown before and I just laughed and said "Oh yeah." She's probably managed a flight about every five months in her two short years.

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