Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Six Months, Micah!

Our little Micah-Boo is 6 months old today! He had his six month check up and here are his stats:

Weight: 16.62 pounds 25th percentile
Height: 25.25 inches 6th percentile
Head Cir.: 17.25 inches 43th percentile

So he's a pretty short for his age, but he his healthy and happy so that's all that matters as long as he is still actually growing. He got some more shots, cried until I picked him up and then was his happy self again. He came home and slept it off and had no adverse reactions to the shots.
Micah has seen a lot of steps into older babyhood recently. He slept for eight hours straight two nights ago and, although he didn't repeat the performance last night, I have hope that his sleep schedule will improve soon. He is starting to get into a regular daytime nap schedule which I think has been helping his night time sleep. He rolls over a lot in his sleep though and hates to wake up finding himself on his tummy and promptly cries. He will be happier once he learns he can just roll over again onto his side (his preferred sleeping position, as soon as I put him down to sleep he leans onto his side). 

He is eating well. We started him on rice cereal at about 5 months 1 week and he has now expanded into peas, bananas, and sweet potatoes. 

Two days ago he learned how to blow raspberries and has been busy practicing that new found talent.

Last Saturday when Robert and I took Micah outside to take a picture of him in his Cougar clothes before the BYU game he surprised us by actually sitting on his own. He has learned how to balance sitting up on his own for short periods of time. 

And now that he has discovered the vertical world he hates getting put down on his back and resists by keeping his head up. He looks like he's trying to do crunches.

I have been convinced for months that he is getting teeth, but still nothing! He still loves to have things- anything- in his mouth.

Micah loves to kick anything within reach of his feet. When he takes a bath he kicks the end of his baby bath tub the entire time and cries when I take him out.

He is still generally a happy baby and we love having him in our family. 

Happy 1/2 birthday cutie!

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