Saturday, November 03, 2012


We kept busy all day on Halloween without ever feeling rushed or too worn out, so I would say it was a successful Halloween. We started out our day by going to Julia's soccer, which I already blogged about. Afterwards we came home and while Micah napped Julia and I had a Halloween lunch outside on the patio. It was a perfect day for spending time outside.

Then we met up with some friends at the park like we do most Wednesdays  Afterwards we came back home and got ready for trick or treating at The Claremont Village. The Village stores pass out candy every year and this year was packed! We went a few years ago before we moved but it must have been right at the beginning because I don't remember it bring crowded at all. This time we went near the end and there were a ton of people. Lesson learned for next time, come early.

Julia didn't mind though; she loved seeing all the costumes and being part of the excitement. Micah sat in the stroller and took it all in too. He is such an angel baby when we go places in the stroller, just content to watch and be cute. He got a lot of "A little Pooh Bear! How cute!" Every time I would poke my head in front of the stroller to check on him he would get a huge grin from seeing me.

Once we were done trick or treating at The Village we went home for dinner and to met up with Robert before going around our neighborhood. Micah and I went to a couple houses before retreating back to our house to get Micah to sleep and to pass out candy while Julia got some daddy/daughter time with Robert. Unfortunately with all the people coming I never did get Micah to sleep until Robert and Julia came home an hour later. Needless to say, once they both got into bed they were out like a light five minutes later.

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