Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great time hosting a small Thanksgiving at our home this year. Since everyone helped with the cooking, it was much less work than packing up the four of us and travelling some where.

Mom and Dad Wheat came in the day before Thanksgiving and we had a Thanksgiving FHE that evening.

On Thanksgiving morning we headed up to a trail by the hills in Claremont and ran our own Wheat Family 5K Turkey Trot. 

Julia insisted on running until she was tired at the beginning and at the end. She ran about 200 yards with her Grandma Wheat at the beginning and then got back into the jogging stroller for the rest. After we stopped for a few minutes at the park she was ready to go again, for another 200 yards.

Soon after we got back Steve, Wendy, Daniel, and Amanda arrived. Wendy brought stuff to make candy turkeys and they made turkeys outside (or ate candy while Wendy made turkeys).

 Viewing the finished product. Oreos, candy corn, Whoppers and Reese's, they were the most delicious turkeys I've ever eaten..

Then it was time to eat. Steve contributed by carving the turkey.

Julia was happy to eat with her princess plate.

Micah was suppose to spend his first Thanksgiving in his high chair.

But spent the meal on my lap instead

Or getting passed around with everyone else

This kid cannot take a bad picture.

Robert and Dad spent the rest of the weekend crawling through our attic and crawl spaces to get the wiring ready for our bathroom remodel and adding more outlets to the upstairs bedrooms in our 1950's house. Yay for not having to crawl under the crib to get to an outlet!

On Friday morning Robert and I went to a few stores for Black Friday shopping, with no kids! It felt like we were on a date because we actually got to talk to each other. That night we got out the Christmas tree to officially kick off the Christmas season. 

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