Monday, December 10, 2012

December Christmas Celebrations

First off, during the month of November, Robert's group at work (Financial Services) did a Movember (growing facial hair for the month of November) competition for prostate cancer awareness. At the end of the month they all got together and judged who had the fullest growth for the month and who had the most creative growth. Robert toyed around with shaving his beard into some weird mustache and beard combination, but ultimately decided he wasn't quite ready to part with his beard. Shaving it all funky would mean he had to shave it off the next day. So instead he just decided to go for the fullest growth price...and he won! He got a $50 gift certificate to Starbucks.

Then on December 1st we had our ward Christmas Party and Julia and Micah got to sit on Santa's lap. Julia wasn't really excited to sit on this strange man's lap, but she figured she had to get it done so she could tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She got up on his lap and told him she wanted a tea set. Micah wasn't so sure about the whole thing. He kept looking at Santa like "who is this guy?" and not really sure what to think. But his lower lip kept sticking out farther and farther as he got closer and closer to crying. Before he burst into tears though we had taken his picture already so I took him back.

The kids and I also went to a Creche Festival at the Upland LDS Stake Center. They had something like 1,300 Nativities, which was cool to see for a while until Julia got tired of it. Since we went during the day it wasn't crowded at all (there was like two other people there besides the volunteers) Julia had the run of the place. They also had a kids area with Nativities the kids could play with, where kids could color, do a puppet show, make Christmas cards and dress up with a large nativity. Julia liked it so much we stayed there for an hour.

We dressed Micah up like a sheep and Julia like Mary.

And Micah played with puzzles while Julia did other things.

Julia tried out the sheep costume as well.

Here are the Nativities. This one was Julia's favorite. After we looked at this one a missionary came up to us and told us that they put this on so we can remember Christ during the holiday season. Then he asked us if we knew who Christ was and Julia said, "Woodstock!" He was a little confused by that.

And here's a video of us there.

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