Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last of the Pre-Christmas Celebrations

One night for FHE this month we did a "Mini Van Express," an idea straight off of Pinterest, thus the name because we don't even own a mini van. The night we had the FHE we got the kids ready for bed early, and when we went to put Julia to sleep she found a ticket on her pillow, and then one on everyone else's bed. While we were finding the tickets Robert popped us popcorn and made hot chocolate. Then we got everyone to the car, punched a star in the tickets as everyone got in and drove around listening to Christmas music and looking at Christmas lights. It was pretty simple, but Julia loved it. 

Our friends told us about this house in Claremont that goes all out with synchronized lights and music, Julia would clap after every song.

The next weekend we went out to West L.A. and saw the lights at the L.A. Temple.

Then we took the kids over to Steve and Wendy's so they could babysit the kids while Robert and I went on a date! (we don't go on a lot of dates, so it was pretty exciting.) We went to Robert's Holiday work party at the ballroom at Hollywood and Highland.

They had a show during dinner that was Cirque du Soleil-esque with crazy costumes and arcrobats.

Here's a video, kind of long, but you get the idea.

The next day we went over to our friends the Haskins for their annual Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long. They don't look too excited here, but trust me, the boys had a fun time.

And Julia had a great time. She spent the evening running around with all the kids and helping herself to the treats at the treat table whenever she wanted.

Before we left for Utah we opened all the presents under the tree. I love that my kids are both small enough that they get so excited about all their presents even if it's nothing extravagant. All we had was mostly clothes for them, but Julia was super excited for her sparkly shoes and dress and Micah was happy with the wrapping paper :). 
Micah got a board book. He loves to read books with us, it's super cute how he will pay attention for a little while, then he loves to turn the pages.

Julia was being really nice to Micah and letting him help her open all her presents.
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