Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's Talk Pregnancy

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and it's starting to become pretty obvious. Well, obvious to me. To others I might still be at the awkward point of "is she or isn't she?" I'm learning that being pregnant with the third child means going to bed as soon as the other kids are asleep because there is no more much needed naptime for me during the day this time around. Being pregnant with Micah was the best (except that I was the sickest with him...) because I got to take naps with Julia. Now Julia doesn't nap and if she does happen to crash somewhere when it's quiet it's not likely to be long before Micah wakes up from his nap. I've also come to grips with the fact that I just don't have the energy to keep my house clean all the time with two kids and a (soon to be) baby, so mostly clean some of the time is just going to be the new norm.

I really don't have anything to complain about with morning sickness, even though I still have it sometimes. In the beginning it was severe enough to be annoying and distributive to my daily schedule, but not bad enough that I had to sit on the couch all day (like with Micah). It just meant making sure I took it a little easier, always had enough to eat, and went to bed early. By doing those things I could avoid most of the vomiting,  especially going to bed early, but still felt nauseous most of the time. Now I only feel nauseous when I'm hungry, cold, tired, or smell a strong odor.

We actually have the morning sickness to thank for tipping us off to this pregnancy. This baby was not something we were planning for, but of course we're thrilled! The other two pregnancies started with planning, doctors visits, ovulation tests, pills, timing, and then finally a positive pregnancy test. It was pretty unreal this time to just take a pregnancy test and...congratulations your pregnant!

We came back from Utah after Christmas with a preschooler getting over pink-eye, then had a baby with pink-eye. A week later we did it all over again. Then, just as they were getting over pink eye, they got RSV (maybe from sitting in the germy doctor's office? Just a thought.). During all this Robert decided it was a good time to ask, "When do you think we can start trying for another baby?" I told him, "I think I'm having all my kids three years apart," i.e. that is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

The kids eventually got better besides a lingering cough and then I got sick. After a week of being sick I started to think it was really weird that I wasn't better yet because I usually a) Can resist their germs altogether or b) Bounce back pretty quickly. When I was still complaining about being sick Robert told me to toughen up, I couldn't still be that sick after a week and not have gone to seen the doctor yet. Then I started to think, "Besides the cough, this actually feels a lot like morning sickness." I told Robert that I thought I should take a pregnancy test before seeing a doctor, but it would probably be negative, and then I probably should go in to the doctor because I really was still feeling sick!

So the next day I took an old pregnancy test I had from when I got pregnant with Micah, and much to my surprise it was positive! So even though I was feeling sick I loaded the kiddos up in the car and we went to Target for a second pregnancy test. Positive again. This is how unreal this felt to me: instead of doing something cute or clever to surprise Robert on the one time I could actually surprise him with this kind of news, I texted him a picture of the two pregnancy tests and said, "That's two positives." Yeah, pretty lame. But it just didn't seem like I could really be pregnant. I didn't even say pregnant in the text, just "two positives."

So that's our surprise baby story. I've since seen the little guy/gal kicking around in my belly and he/she looks to be developing just fine. Now I know why Micah is such a little guy and such a good baby, he needed to be both to help me through this pregnancy. We feel really blessed to be having another baby so quickly. Me, blessed and a little nervous. Robert blessed and absolutely thrilled. =)
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