Thursday, April 04, 2013

Micah's Birthday

The Cake: Banana Cake with Whipped Banana Pudding Frosting

The excited birthday boy 
(who had already made a grab for the cake and has frosting on his hands)

The very excited big sister

Oohhh, CAKE!

 Eating it up

The cake is now either in his belly or on his belly

 Modeling the mess

Off to the bathtub

Time for presents!
Julia says she can help. We keep trying to tell her to give Micah a chance first.

 It's who's birthday? Mine? 

Happy boy
With his first big bump on the middle of his forehead received earlier that day. 

Three days later it was almost gone when he got another one on the side of his forehead. Welcome to toddlerhood!

Julia played with Micah's new Little People airport set for an hour before being sent to bed and then all day the next day. She had to be reminded over and over to share with Micah, it's HIS toy!
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