Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Some Julia-isms from this week
  • Julia: "What are you doing Mom? You only do that on Sundays!" I was putting on my makeup before heading to the ob/gyn. I know some ladies really do only wear makeup on Sundays, but I'm usually the kind to wear makeup everyday. Except lately, I guess.

  • We had a disposable water camera in with our pool toys. I showed Julia how to take a picture with it and after she took the picture she said, "Now where's the picture?" She had no concept of film, all pictures she has ever known show up instantly on the screen!

  • As we were getting ready to go meet Robert at the train station. Julia: "You know why I'm getting ready so fast? Because I really really really love Daddy. I want to marry him, but he's in our family so I guess I'll find another boy to marry. Maybe I can marry Micah."

Also, Micah learns how to say Julia..and get's distracted by his own image.

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