Sunday, September 29, 2013

LA County Fair

Thursday was Claremont Day at the LA County Fair so we decided that since it was beautiful weather and we have never been to the fair despite living ten minutes away from it, that it would be a perfect time to go. I feel bad for everyone who went at the beginning of the month when it was 100 degrees out because it was a beautiful mid-70's the day we went.  So Robert took the day off and we also invited a friend from Virginia who just moved to Pasadena to join us, so our girls had fun together.

First we visited the farm animal barn with a very large petting zoo area full of lambs and calves. Julia loved walking around petting all the animals, but her little friend who came with us was pretty terrified by them at first, and only slightly so after a while. When you think about it though, it would be pretty terrifying to see a mob of animals almost as tall as you are coming up to you expecting to be fed. They had feed for sale there that you could buy to feed the animals and you can tell the animals were hoping for a hand out from you because they would walk up to you and wait.

The animals were bigger than Micah so he probably could have gotten knocked over by accident if he walked through there on his own.

The girls discovered what these were. At first they just saw the backside and stuck their heads in, so I took a picture and then told them to walk around to the front to see what it really was. I think they got it...

 They got to milk a goat.

And watch a sea lion show. Julia said that was her favorite part.

They could have spent hours at the Knights and Princesses area. Dress up dresses with every Disney princess, complete with tiaras, wands, dress up shoes and purses, plus an area to have tea parties and a little play house.

We took Micah and his little friend over to the knights area, but they really weren't that interested. They both just have an older sister so they were much more interested in playing in the play kitchen than dressing up as a knight and playing with swords because that is what they are both used to. They had no idea what this knight stuff was all about, but play kitchens they know. They did like the chalkboard easels though.

Deciding on a tiara. It wasn't crowded at all, so they could go back as many times as they wanted to change outfits.

We got some fair food (hot dogs, bbq sanwiches, funnel cake, ice cream, fried oreos, fried twinkies, fried cookie dough) and the girls went on a couple rides. We ran into the Claremont Days Parade on our way to the African Safari place and stopped to watch the parade.

Our friends left after the parade, but we still visited the African Safari (a few large animals, zebras, emus, and camels, and lots of snakes and lizards and spiders.) We trudged on to see the historic trains and then decided we could not walk any farther. I was almost limping back to the car and it took me two days before my feet felt the same. It was worth it though, as a last hurrah as a family of four.

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