Sunday, March 09, 2014

Snow Weekend

A few weeks ago our kids' only cousins came to town (with their parents) so we joined them and Grandpa and Grandma Wheat at the Holiday cabin in Park City for a snow weekend. We did some snowmobiling, a bit of sledding, snowball fights and igloo building. We had to fit it all in because it was probably the last snow fun we will have this season since the weather has been warming up as Spring approaches.

All the Wheat cousins


Matching boys

This marks Camden's first snowmobile ride. Like the others kids he spent most of the rides up and down sleeping. Something about the movement and noise of the snowmobile and being all bundled up puts them right to sleep.

Julia better get into the snowfort and out of the snow.

It's fun to see these guys together. They are about four months apart and just about the same size.

Everyone wearing their footie pajamas. Micah is too, but he loves to wear his Cars slipppers, even with his footies.

It takes three snowmobiles to get us all up there now.

A little video of the cousins playing. The video through the window was me filming Grandma Wheat and Jen taking pictures of Nate and Micah when they went outside. Neither of them spent much time outside that day because it was snowing off and on. We got them all bundled up and it started to snow, so they went out and took a picture on the sled (below) and then came back in because they were both cold. Sledding in a blizzard is not fun?

Tyler and Julia both got to drive the small snowmobile around in circles in the meadow this year. Needless to say they thought they were so cool and had a blast.

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