Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Update

We are still living at my parent's home in Saratoga Springs. Our home in California has been on the market about a month and has still not sold and although we would like to get it sold, we are in no big rush either. It has been really nice to have so many people helping out with the kids all the time and we are pretty comfortable here. Robert and I have been able to leave the kids with family almost every weekend and go out to look at open houses to narrow down what where we would like to look for homes and what we are looking for in a home (we haven't narrowed it down that much so it doesn't really matter that we haven't sold our home yet...)

 Robert and I have also signed up to run a half marathon in May, so it has been invaluable for us to be here where my Mom and Dad can watch the kids in the evening while we go out for our training runs. So far it has been really fun, but we are only running distances that I was used to running (3-5 miles). Coming up next week our training schedule has us running distances that go past my comfort zone so we will see how it goes!

We are also enjoying being outdoors even in the cold. I joked that we are training the kids for our Wheat family camping trip by going on long walks. There is a walking path nearby that has exercise equipment along the trail and the kids like to stop and try the exercises. Julia has also done really well walking farther distances (she used to complain after a few minutes that she was tired) so hopefully she will be able to do some hikes at Zion this year.

The other day we went off the path and the kids kept falling over. So I joked that this was training for when we are camping and the ground is uneven.

Enjoying the parks nearby. You just can't keep Micah down.

Julia is going to preschool at a preschool a neighbor does in her home four houses down. She really enjoys it and has fit right in. Here they went on a field trip (and the boys and I came too) to a veterinarian's office, who also happened to be the preschool teacher's husband =) .

Camden is getting very mobile! I made the video below a couple weeks ago to show how well he wiggles around on his tummy, but even since then he has started to move so much more! Look at the height he is getting in this picture from today. He can rotate on his stomach in a circle very quickly and can pull himself forward in sort of a precursor to army crawl by using his arms and pushing with his bum and feet. He can roll all over the place too, so we have been saying we now have to watch that he doesn't get too close to the stairs and watch that there are no small objects on the floor for him to roll to and put in his mouth.

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