Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Robert and Lauren

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon with Lauren and Jess to celebrate Robert and Lauren's birthday (they share the same birthday!). We started out with lunch at Costa Vida and then went to a park near Lauren's home for brownies and play. Micah was very excited for the park. I used to take Julia to the park everyday when she was his age, but now with three kids we go about once a week, so Micah gets really excited for park time. Lauren brought a kite and Julia had fun trying to get it up. There was a bit of wind, but only enough to get the kite into the air, not enough to keep it up there. So julia had to keep running around to keep the kite up in the air.

We decided last minute to bring the nice camera and take some portraits of the kids since they are all at a milestone age: Julia, almost 5; Micah, just turned 2, and Camden, almost six months.

Camden is close to being able to sit up by himself, but not yet. So since he wasn't acting too smiley at the time we decided to just wait a couple weeks to take his pictures until we can get him sitting up by himself.
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