Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Micah!

Wait, didn't we just have Julia's birthday? Yes, but I'm behind, I've had this post ready to go with pictures for a while but haven't found time to sit down and type something.

So Happy Birthday Micah! He is now a big (but small) 2 year old. He is learning to talk and understands pretty much anything you tell him. He is saying sentences now like "Mama, where are you?" and "Grandpa home soon?" It's pretty cute =).

We decided to just have a small birthday party for him. Lucky Micah had both sets of grandparents there as well as some of Robert and I's cousins. I got a little monkey pinata for him that we broke in the basement on a punching bag stand.

Camden is also getting big.

Getting ready for the pinata.

Micah was not quite sure what to, but Julia was ready.

So was Kirsten.

Proof that I was there too, with the baby.

Logan and James knew what to do too.

Micah loves planes, trains, automobiles and especially trucks. And that is mostly what he got for presents!

Cars book, one of his new favorites.

Planes backpack that he uses to store all his new cars and trains.

We got Frozen when it came out but kept it hidden because Julia wanted it for her birthday. But we decided to surprise Julia and just give it to both Julia and Micah on Micah's birthday. Julia loved it, and now that Micah has actually seen the movie he likes it too. It's funny to see him get excited about pictures of the Frozen girls and say, "Anna! Elsa!"

With his loot: cars, trains, trucks, and planes.

I made construction truck themed cake using some of the toys he already had.

Julia had to help him blow out the candle because he didn't understand what we were trying to tell him.

I just threw this in here. Micah and Camden have started to interact and it's fun to see them together.
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