Monday, September 08, 2014

We've Moved

Blogger mobile doesn't do pictures and I rarely get onto an actual computer anymore, except to blog. It would make things a whole lot easier for me if the mobile app could actually do something besides text. So anyway, we moved into our new home in Draper this weekend, but since I have no computer that is not in a box a picture-less post will have to do. Otherwise weeks will go by and I will never blog about.

We "moved in" on Friday, but we are still not done remodeling, so we are moved in as far as living in a house with no usable kitchen and half of our stuff in the garage is moved in. It was nice to see all of our stuff after 7 months after it had been in storage. I was afraid the worse would happen and we would have water damage, or half our stuff was broken, or have a big ant infestation or whatever else can go wrong when you move and leave stuff in storage. But so far everything looks good.

The kids think it's Christmas in September because they got all their toys back. We packed up soon after Christmas so a lot of the toys they got for Christmas they never got to play with very much. Julia was playing with a barbie yesterday that I didn't even remember her getting, but she said she got it for Christmas. Micah doesn't even really remember his old toys since 7 months is so long for a 30 month old. All his toys seem new to him. (Ex. "We have a Thomas train! " We've had it for years, Julia got it for Christmas before he was born.)

Right now we are pretty much living in the basement while the main floor gets finished with the remodel. Robert is busy with work right now (September tax season) so he doesn't have a lot of time to work on it. Hopefully we'll have a working kitchen soon, then move on to the bedrooms (master, Micah's and Camden's.) Julia's room is in the basement so she is the only lucky one who gets to sleep in her real bed. Living room is getting finished last since it is the lowest priority for functional living. So, come visit us!.... in a month.... or next year...

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