Saturday, September 20, 2014

Julia on Laughing Gas

Julia had her first cavity at her last doctors appointment. They said she has been brushing well, but she needs to do better on flossing. It's true, we all need to do better on flossing.

So this week we went back to get the cavity filled. They gave her some laughing gas so she wouldn't be as nervous. Turns out Julia on laughing gas is the same as Julia normally, but just with more arm and leg waving. She was chatting it up with everyone, but that is how she is normally. Her speech was a little slower than usual, but the main difference with the laughing gas was she just liked to move her arms and legs all over the place and was just very loose.

It worked though, she hardly even noticed they were working on her mouth between watching the kids movie on the ceiling and breathing the laughing gas.
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