Sunday, October 12, 2014

Julia's First Day of Kindergarten

Julia started kindergarten this year. Julia and I were both excited for her to go to school and make new friends and learn new things. She is actually a pretty good help with the boys, so I was sad not to have her help. But she is horrible to take to the store because she wants me to buy her everything, so now we go grocery shopping and run errands while she is in school.

First day of school pictures. Julia loves Sophia the First.

 Micah misses Julia when she is at school, they are buddies and best playmates.

 This was before school on the first day. We were still living at my parents house. When she looked inside her backpack when she woke up that day it was all full of Frozen picture books and Frozen magnets. So here they are putting the magnets on the fridge.

 We've already gotten her school pictures back, she looks too grown up to me.

Lining up on the first day of school. I forget that Julia is short for age until I see her with other kids her age. She is one of the shortest in her class. After class on the first day I met her at the door and she introduced me to her new best friend and they hugged each other as we left. Now they draw pictures for each other to take home.

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