Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet Peas

When I was a teenager some of my friends and I made a "club" we called the Sweet Peas. We would hold club meetings and assigned everyone to club positions like president, vice-president, secretary, etc. This week we were able to bring together three members of the Sweet Pea club, my cousin Katrina, my good friend Annie, and I. Only now we have nine and a half (Annie's pregnant) kids between the three of us. So crazy!

We invited everyone over to our house (our first non-family visitors!) for dinner on Thursday. The kids didn't really eat, they were much too excited to play. They spent most of the evening going crazy in the basement playroom. Yay for basement playrooms, they could be as loud as they wanted and they were plenty loud.

At the end of the night we cleaned up the playroom (in under three minutes thanks to everyone's help) and took a picture of all of us together. Except we took a few of just the kids (first picture, above) and some with all of us...and then I realized someone was missing.

My own child. I realized Camden was not in the pictures. I said, "Wait, is Camden here? Where's Camden?" Everyone said, "I don't know." So I ran upstairs to look for him because I didn't remember the last time I saw him. Turns out I was semi-thinking when we came downstairs to clean up and take pictures because I did bring him downstairs. We found him next to the playroom in Julia's room getting into all of Julia's paint. He had probably wandered in there back when we were cleaning up the playroom and no one noticed because everyone was frantically cleaning up.

Julia and Bella are new besties. It took 20 minutes to pry them away from each other when it was time to leave.

We also decorated massive Halloween sugar cookies (that my kids and I made earlier that day, Micah and Julia had fun rolling out their own cookies and mashing them up again and rolling it out again. We didn't end up using their dough ;) )

We had a great time!
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