Thursday, October 16, 2014


You know the point when your house is so messy you don't even care anymore? Yeah, I think we're there. I am in middle of finally unpacking everything after waiting a month after we moved to remodel. The remodeling work isn't done yet, but it's done enough that I can unpack. And unpacking while also trying to feed, clothe, and entertain three kids makes for a very chaotic scene.

But not caring doesn't mean I've given up cleaning or unpacking. It just means I'm not looking at the mess anymore and thinking that I need to get it all cleaned up before I go to bed. It means it's okay if it doesn't get done today or tomorrow or the next day. Until then we just keep plugging along, little by little getting stuff organized.

Micah was excited to have is own bed at last.

Camden is at that "I need to explore everything" age. Now you understand how things can get messy fast around here.

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