Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Camden!

Two days before Camden's birthday we wanted to go up to Park City and get in some high elevation running in preparation for a relay race Robert, my brothers, Dad, and I were going to do the next weekend. And since we were all going to be together anyway we figured it would be a good time to celebrate Camden's birthday.

This was our view before the celebration as we ran up, up. and up from the elevation of the freeway all the way up to the cabin.

When we all finally made it up we were able to celebrate Camden's birthday (and listen to conference. Remember, Camden was born on conference Sunday last year, so his birthday is always going to fall around conference time.)

He was tired, but was interested in opening his presents still. But as you can see in the video, so were Julia and Micah.

I told everyone no more toys. We have plenty of toys, especially for his age since we've had two other kids go through that same age already! He got a lot of snacks, sippy cups, some clothes, and books.

Then it was on to the cake.

He is very interested in everything right now, especially a bright cake set right in front of him.

He started out just eating the blue frosting on top of the cake.

He really liked it.

He finally did make it past the blue frosting at the end and enjoyed his first taste of chocolate cake (I think, you never know with Grandma around what he's been fed).

Blue frosting monster.
Camden's personality right now is busy and friendly. He loves to babble, he loves to explore and experiment. He loves his siblings, but also wants everything that Micah has, so he often butts heads with Micah. I imagine we can look forward to that for a long time even though they do really love each other.

He is getting a mouthful of new teeth right now, so it's hard to say exactly how many he has since the new ones are just coming in. Eight? I still think of him as my little baby, but really he is almost toddler size, especially since he wears 18 month old clothes.

On Camden's actual birthday I told Micah to go give Camden a happy birthday hug, and this is what happened. For the record, he was giving him a hug, a very aggressive hug.

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