Sunday, May 22, 2016

Alta High Mini Cheer

The cheerleaders from the local high school put on a two day cheer clinic for kids as a fundraiser for their cheer. Julia participated this year and had a fun time. She already told me she wants to do it again next year. They got to perform a little at the end of year cheerleader show.

She's on the middle left, right next to the little girl who doesn't have her arms raised.

There were a bunch of different groups from the high school that performed, and one of them was the ballroom dance team performing a disco routine. Julia said disco looks fun. When I asked her later in the week what kind of dance she wanted to sign up for next year (she did gymnastics this year, but has said she wants to go back to doing some kind of dance next year instead) she said, "Disco!" I think we are going to do that close enough?
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