Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mother's Day

This is what Julia gave me on Mother's Day. I'm guessing the muffins reference is from some box muffin mix we got at Costco a while again because I am not any good at baking!

Micah gave his first talk in Primary last month. He helped me write the talk, the crossed out part is what he wanted to change because I wrote down bad guys and he said he wanted to say robbers. When I went up to help him with the talk he said about two words and got scared of his voice in the microphone and I ended up just reading the whole talk with him occasionally mumbling out a word.

This week we made homemade Peanut Butter M&M ice cream. Micah started eating it and said, "there is something yellow in my ice cream." I told him it was candy, he could eat it. He replied, "I don't know about that." This is the look he gave me right after and he refused to eat the ice cream. The next day Robert was eating some and Micah told me he had thought there was a fly in his ice cream, but after seeing Robert eat the ice cream he asked for some and ate the whole thing now knowing that it really was just candy in his ice cream.

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