Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kauai Part 2

After church in Kauai

The one day we really did leave the resort was Sunday. We went to Sacrament meeting and then opted to skip the other two hours to enjoy God's creations on Kauai.

We drove up to see Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Then continued up to the top of the mountain where you get a view of the largely inaccessible Na'Pali Coast.
 My cute guys

We went for a short hike at the top. Since it was cliff on both sides everyone got a hiking partner to hold onto.

My hiking partner cried until he fell asleep and I carried him the whole way.

Kauai is beautiful!

Afterwards we took the winding road back down the mountain towards our hotel. As we neared the bottom of the mountain I thought, "hmm, this winding road is making me a little car sick." And as I had that thought Camden threw up in the backseat. I had an extra pair of shorts and underwear for him but not an extra shirt. While Robert was getting Camden dressed Robert could see that Camden was going to be a little upset that he didn't have a shirt, so before Camden could get too sad about it Robert took off his own shirt and said in Hawaii we don't even need shirts. See, I'm not wearing a shirt either. So that is why Robert and Camden are not wearing shirts in the picture below when we visited the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge.

It really was swinging. It was even a little difficult to walk on it holding a baby like I was.

Watching the sunset and eating ice cream

View from another one of my sunset runs.

View from another one of Robert's bike rides.

The resort put on a small hula show in the lobby one morning, this was the dancer.
 Family pictures

Julia made the cloth flowers as part of a resort craft. When did she get so grown up?

Another resort activity was learning how to make spam and cabbage. It was quite delicious. Oil, garlic, onions, spam, teriyaki sauce, and cabbage, served over rice. An island favorite!

 Eating shaved ice on our last full day.

 A close up of the rooster, because there are wild chickens all over the island.

Before we went to the airport we drove out and saw this waterfall. The boys fell asleep in the car though on the way, so Julia and I got out to see it, then I switched with Robert so he could come have a look. One last view of the island before we took off.

The flight home was a red eye flight. It wasn't too bad because the kids slept pretty well, although Robert and I didn't sleep all that well. The hardest part was getting them off the plane and to the car when we landed because they didn't want to wake up.

What a fun vacation!

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