Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lincoln's Blessing

Last Sunday was a beautiful fall day for a baby blessing. We first started thinking of when we were going to do the blessing back in August. But one week we had ward conference, then we had a regional conference, then the grandpa's were going to potentially be out of town, then we were going to be out of town, then it was general conference. So we finally found a date that worked even though it was a little later than we had originally anticipated.

I thought that would work out well with Lincoln's baby personality anyway since newborn Lincoln was needy and either wanted to be eating or sleeping and if he wasn't doing those two things he had to be vigorously rocked to be happy. Two month Lincoln has finally calmed down and has been a lot happier, even dare I say, a very smiley and joyful baby. Much better chances for a calm baby during the blessing.

But two month Lincoln also does not like laying down flat on his back and it freaked him out to have the priesthood holders holding him like that and he cried through the whole (beautiful) blessing Robert gave. Oh well, Heavenly Father still heard it.

We've pretty much given up getting a family picture with everyone looking. No one was crying, this is how we roll.

Lincoln enjoyed getting held by many people at our house afterwards and it was nice to have our families come together to celebrate his birth.

This was the first time Lincoln and Hunter were together. Hunter is my cousin Katrina's son. Katrina and I are two weeks apart and also have July birthdays. We wondered if Hunter and Lincoln would be born around the same time, but Hunter was born nine days before Lincoln, which is still pretty close.

Chubby baby hands

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