Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Other News...

-Robert is in Virginia this week for training. He flew out rather unexpectedly late last night. He knew he had training this week, but he thought he was leaving on Sunday night. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when he looked at his flight schedule that he realized he was actually leaving that night. So he has a full day in Virginia today to sleep off his red eye flight and play video games (yes, he took his Play Station with him.)

-Friday at work I had an interesting experience. In the morning there was a mother and her three little girls who came in and were being assisted by another case manger. While the mother was talking to the case manager the little girls (probably about 4-8 years old) came over and were looking at my things. They saw a picture of Robert and I on our wedding day and asked "Who's that?"
"That's my husband and I."
"Oh, is he your boyfriend."
"No, he's my husband, we're married."
"So is he your boyfriend?"
It was really sad that I had to explain to these little girls what a husband was, because the concept of being married and committed to one man was foreign to them. It makes me grateful that I was raised in a family that had a loving mother and father. I can't change the way other people choose to raise their children, but I'm grateful for the gospel and the counsel that we have about the importance of the family. I look forward to having my own little family someday and raising them with a mom and a dad.
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