Friday, April 04, 2008

My Haircut

Yesterday as I was sitting in traffic I saw a hair salon and thought "Hmm, I really do need a haircut." I pulled into the parking lot and went in for a spur of the moment haircut because, hey, it beats sitting in traffic. So I walk in, they take my name, and I have a seat. When they call my name (..or some variance of it, I think it was Melanie this time)I get up and then, dum da dum dum, I see my stylist. It was a guy first of all. I am always more comfortable with women cutting my hair because they actually have to style their own hair everyday. Not only was this a guy, however, he was like a cross between Kramer and someone out of New York Doll. He had the tall, lanky, dark haired, eccentricity of Kramer and the necklaces, rings, and gaunt look of the New York Dollers. My exact thoughts as I approached him were "uhh, this is my stylist?? Okay...."

He was quite hilarious actually, although probably not in ways he thought he was funny. He was really rockin' out to the music in the salon. Between the time he would snip off my hair he would sway forward and back, as if he were playing a guitar. It was definitely my most interesting hair cut ever. In the end though I was happy with my haircut.
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