Monday, June 23, 2008

Oops..Lessons from a pit stop in St. George

I guess we should have gotten new tires a little earlier...So that's what that thumping noise was... The tire guy said he had never seen one worn down this much, at least, not still on the car. People with tires like this usually drive in on their spare tire after having a blowout on the road. I guess someone was looking out for us.

And this was nothing compared to what happened to some of my other family members this weekend. My uncle really did have a tire blowout , but he was in an RV. It was a good thing were no other cars on the road or he would have ran into someone. And two of my cousins were in a rollover car accident- yikes! Luckily they both walked away from it with no injuries. Like I said, someone was looking out for us this weekend.
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