Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! We are so grateful to live in a country with all the freedoms we enjoy. We celebrated yesterday by going to the home of the founder father, George Washington, at Mount Vernon. Some things I learned that I never knew was that George Washington didn't have any kids of his own, but Martha had two kids from a previous marriage. Her great-grandaughter was married to Robert E. Lee. Both George and Martha are buried at Mount Vernon, George is on the right.Inside the mansion I learned that in George Washington's time, the darker and deeper the color of the wall, the more expensive the paint because it needed more pigment. So there is a lot of deep colors in the mansion to impress you. Inside the mansion is also a key to La Bastille, the French prison. When the prison was stormed and destroyed at the beginning of the French Revolution the Marquis de Lafayette gave the key to George Washington as a symbol of freedom.
Today we watched the fireworks from the top of Robert's office building. We could see all the little tiny fireworks shows going in Virignia at the same time as the very large show in front of us at the National Mall.

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