Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sandberg Reunion

Before Julia and I came to Viriginia we stopped in Utah so we could make it to the Sandberg Reunion at the Sandberg Ranch in Southern Utah. This year Julia was old enough to run around and of course had a blast outside. Unfortunately it was rainy and freezing the most of time, so she didn't get to run around outside as much as everyone (her and I) would have wanted, but we made due. Her pink Dodger windbreaker clothes were covered in mud by the end of the weekend. My Aunt Tric made the comment that "those clothes will never be pink again." (But I washed them back at home them and they did go from brown back to pink. =) )

We almost got rained out of our traditional campfire, but the rain let up long enough for everyone to cook some hot dogs and s'mores. Some people even stayed during the rain and sat around with umbrellas.
We missed Grandma Sandberg (she passed away last year) but were glad Grandpa could make it out. I love Julia's face in this picture.
Every year there is a theme, this year was county fair. Every family was in charge of one "booth" at the fair. We did a shooting gallery with army men and nerf guns. One family did a pie eating contest. This was the final round (everyone here won their round and is back for the final). I don't remember who won...Dave?
Some of my grandpa's siblings want to sell the Ranch (and there is an offer to buy), so the future of the ranch is uncertain right now. We love being able to have someplace to go every year and be together as family, especially as the family gets bigger and bigger. The Ranch always gets us connected again with cousins who we may not see much during the year, and I think it is a beautiful place. I would love to be able to keep bringing my kids here in the future! We're praying that we will be able to work something out with the other families to keep the Ranch in our family forever.
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