Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Park City

While we were in Utah we split our time between my family and Robert's family. Robert's family was staying at his mom's cousin's cabin in Park City, the same place we stayed at for Christmas. After the funeral we headed back up there the for the weekend. We had a lot of fun enjoying the outdoors and beautiful vistas.On Saturday the boys all went mountain biking up at The Canyons. The have a couple ski lifts running in the summer so they all rode up the lifts with their bikes and got to enjoy an all downhill ride! The girls decided to head up there as well and go hiking while the "grandmas" (Wendy isn't a grandma but she is sort of Julia's honorary grandma) watched the kids. On our hike we meet some cute mountain bikers and got a good view of the PC valley. Later we took the boy's lift tickets and rode the lift up and back down.Sunday we set up the sprinkler for Julia and Tyler to play with. Julia was a hoot to watch. She's had a lot of practice running through water from all the spray parks out here in Arlington, so she had no problem running straight in, squealing with delight, even though the water must have bee pretty cold.
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