Monday, August 16, 2010


One of the biggest adjustments we have had to make moving to Virginia has been the weather. It is hot and humid here with lots of thunderstorms, and from what I hear this year has been particularly bad. A couple weeks ago, the day after we came home from Utah, (I'm kind of slow about posting this) Julia and I were in the basement when a good thunderstorm came through. The power went out but that's not the first time that has happened this summer so I thought nothing of it until we got into the car to go grocery shopping and saw this across the parking lot:
Whoa, that was the first indication that this storm was worse that the usual. Then I started driving and the street was blocked by a huge fallen tree going across the entire road. So I turned around and went another way, only to be stopped by another large tree blocking the street. Driving through Fairlington (our neighborhood) was what I would image it would be like driving down the street after a hurricane with trees down all over the place.In all there were about 40-50 trees knocked down in Fairlington and two weeks later they are still not all cleaned up. Amazingly I saw no cars that were completely crushed, just a few with dents and probably a lot of scratched up cars. Oh, and after we got out of the neighborhood streets and onto a main street I took a look at the backed up traffic and turned around. I decided the grocery store could wait one more day.

This website has some more pictures of Fairlington trees down.
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