Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yippee, my camera is working again

I got a new phone a few months ago, but two days after I got it Julia used it as a teether and broke the camera with water damage. For some reason last night the camera started working again. So our day from my phone...

We headed into Washington D.C. today with no real plan besides seeing whatever was close to where we parked. We ended up going to the National Archives to see the Magna Carter, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and whatever other smaller documents they had on display. Robert said the line was the shortest he had ever seen it, probably because of the two rallies that were also going on in D.C. a few blocks away while we were there. Everyone who came for the rally was at the rally, and everyone else but us was scared away by the crowds. Since we got there after it started though there were really not a lot of people around. There were no pictures allowed in the Archives, so this was outside when we ate lunch and Julia got to run around.

Then we went to the National Gallery of Art. We will definitely be going back here sometime because the place is huge and with Julia we only got to see a small portion of it. We tried to visit the National Gallery's Scuplture Garden across the street but by that time Julia was ready for a nap, so we called it quits and headed back across the river to home.

After Julia's nap, some dinner, and playtime it was time to get ready for bed. For some reason Julia decided to line her bath toys up along the edge of the tub today. And that's it. I put her to bed half an hour ago and she is still up there screaming for me to come get her from her crib. This past week she has decided she doesn't want to sleep in her crib anymore and will only sleep with me in my bed. It's driving me nuts because I don't get any quality sleep with her rolling all over the place. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it soon because I don't know what else to do! Either let her scream for hours, or give in or let her sleep in our bed and neither are very good options.

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