Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Julia!

Julia is two today! Where did our baby go?
Julia the day she was born (above) and at age 1 (below)
Some things about Julia at age two:

She is always jabbering about something. Usually I understand what she says which is really nice because she rarely has any tantrums anymore because I don't know what she wants (but she does have the I-want-what-I-can't-have tantrums). Sometimes when she's in a silly mood she likes to jabber in her own language and laugh about it. She can also count to ten, knows her basic colors, and is starting to get a good handle on her shapes.

She is already a book worm. We usually read a few books before she takes a nap and goes to bed. When I tell her it's time to clean up and and get in bed she frantically picks books that she wants and stuffs them between the bars into her crib before I can put them back on her bookshelf. Then she will "read" them in bed before or after sleeping. I often find her during the day "reading" a book by herself out loud. She does a good job remembering what the storyline is about and repeating the words she remembers.
She likes to sing and dance. Some of her favorite songs to sing are "Five Little Monkeys," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "The ABC Song," "Row Row Row Your Boat," "Follow the Prophet," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

She's pretty self-confident and social. She enjoys nursery and doesn't mind being left with a babysitter. She plays well by herself but is also always happy to see another kid. Last time we went to the doctor's office she stood right next to the doctor, put her hand on the doctor's arm and watched the doctor type on the computer.

She is very active. Even when she is sick she is always running around. Sometimes it honestly looks like she is running laps around the living room. She has also recently decided it's fun to run away from Mom and down the hallways at places like the portrait studio and doctor's office.

We love our little imp and are excited to see her grow and learn as a two year old.

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